CONGRUENT is one of the most competitive and innovative organization in the Indian Pharma Industry that serves the pharmaceutical industry with comprehensive services from drug development through manufacturing capabilities and delivery system. We have state-of- art manufacturing facilities producing formulations in various dosage forms and therapeutic segments. The services offered by Congruent include various components as below.

  1. Pre-formulation
  2. Formulation development
  3. stabilities studies
  4. method development.
  5. Scale ups

With the recent trends in Pharmaceutical industry in India and around the globe, the concept of comprehensive single source provider from drug development through commercial manufacturing has become the backbone of pharmaceutical business. Outsourcing to a comprehensive contract manufacturing organization allows the marketing companies to expand the technical resources without increase in overheads. Our partner marketing company can then manage its internal resources and costs by focusing on core competencies and high value projects by reducing or not adding infrastructure or technical staff.

Working with the company which offers all in a place right from formulation on paper to formulation in market also limits our partner marketing company’s upfront capital investment for drug development, thus minimizing the project costs. By concentrating resources with a single source provider, one can minimize technical transfer of projects or products, thereby reducing unforeseen cost and potentially speeding new products in the market.

Congruent does not limit its activities only to already established products we always thrive to look forward the new product development and technology development in formulation as well as drug delivery system.