Congruent has emerged as one of the fastest growing biopharmaceutical company. We are one of the prominent exporters of APIs with nearly 30% of the turnover coming from APIs. Markets like the USA, Europe and South Asia account for 70% of our API exports.

We take our partnerships with our clients as a matter of pride and we view our partners’ success as our own. Our many years of accrued expertise and knowledge provides significant added value to our partners. We work tirelessly to help them deliver high-quality generic as well as innovative products to market quickly and effectively. Continuously nurturing these fruitful partnerships through close cooperation, Congruent offers superior product quality and end-to-end support. We do this by assigning designated personnel to each customer. This includes highly-responsive customer service representatives, account managers and scientific and logistical support, as well as R&D, QA, RA, IP and marketing personnel.

Congruent has been playing a lead role in the Indian APIs market, in the anti-malarial and anti-hypertensive therapeutic segments and Anticancer/Oncology segment. For More details kindly see the products list of APIs which we offer.

Sr No. API grade DMF GMP
1 Clindamycin Hydrochloride USP DMF available  
2 Clindamycin phopshate USP DMF available  
3 Tetracycline hcl USP DMF available GMP /EU GMP
4 Azithromycin Dihydrate USP/IP DMF available GMP
5 Clarithromycin USP/IP DMF available GMP
6 Erythromycin thiocyanate USP/IP DMF available Vet GMP
7 Omeprazole Powder  USP/BP/IP DMF available GMP
8 Esomeprazole magnesium trihydrate   USP/BP/IP DMF available GMP
9 Esomeprazole magnesium dihydrate   USP/BP/IP DMF available GMP
10 Pantoprazole Sodium sesquihydrate  Usp/BP/IP DMF available GMP
11 Omeprazole magnesium  IP/BP/EP DMF available GMP
12 Omeprzole Sodium USP/IP/BP DMF available GMP
13 Esomoprazole Sodium USP/IP/BP DMF available GMP
14 Pregabalin USP/IP/BP DMF available GMP
15 Fenofibrate DMF available GMP
16 Dexlansoprazole DMF available GMP
17 Rabeprazole sodium DMF available GMP
18 Ascorbic acid DMF available GMP
19 Sodium Ascorbate DMF available WHO GMP
20 Erythromycin IP/BP/USP Open part /closed part available WHO GMP
21 Erythromycin estolate BP/USP Open part /closed part available WHO GMP
22 Erythormycin ethyl succinate BP/USP Open part /closed part available WHO GMP
23 Erythromycin stearate IP/BP/USP Open part /closed part available WHO GMP
24 Silver sulphadiazine USP Open part /closed part available WHO GMP
25 Diethyl carbamazine citrate IP/BP/USP Open part /closed part available WHO GMP
26 Mefenamic acid IP/BP/USP Open part /closed part available WHO GMP
27 Metronidazole Benzoate IP/BP/USP Open part /closed part available WHO GMP
28 Orinidazole IP/BP/USP Open part /closed part available WHO GMP
29 Levofloxacin USP Open part /closed part available WHO GMP
30 Ketoprofen IP/BP/USP Open part /closed part available WHO GMP
31 Amoxicillin trihydrate USP/IP EDMF COS
32 Acenocoumarol BP USP/IP DMF available WHO-GMP
33 Alfacalcidal USP/IP DMF available WHO-GMP
34 Amphotericin B BP/USP/EP USP/IP DMF available WHO-GMP
35 Amlodipin besylate USP USP/IP DMF available WHO-GMP
36 Azithromycin granules 7.5 % USP/IP DMF available EU-GMP
37 Brinzolamide USP/IP DMF available  
38 Bimatoprost USP/IP DMF available EU GMP/WHO-GMP
39 Calcitriol USP/IP DMF available EU GMP/WHO-GMP
40 Calcipotriol Monohydrate BP USP/IP DMF available  
41 Chloromphinicol palmitate BP/USP USP/IP DMF available  
42 Chloromphinicol stearate USP/IP    
43 Clarithromycin granules  27 % USP/IP    
44 Clarithromycin USP USP/IP    
45 Dorzalamide HCL USP/IP    
46 Erythromycin BP/USP USP/IP DMF available  
47 Erythromycin estolate BP/USP USP/IP DMF available  
48 Erythromycin ethyl succinate BP/USP USP/IP DMF available  
49 Erythromycin phospahte USP/IP    
50 Erythromycin stearate USP/IP    
51 Flupenazine deconate USP/IP    
52 Fluticazone propionate USP/IP    
53 Oxytetracycline base USP/IP    
54 Oxytetracycline hcl USP/IP DMF available  
55 Roxithromycin BP USP/IP DMF available  
56 Acenocumarol USP/IP US DMF  
57 Acetozolamide USP/IP US DMF  
58 Carvedilol phosphate hemihydrate USP/IP US DMF  
59 clopamide USP/IP US DMF  
60 Pentoxifylline USP/IP US DMF  
61 Aniracetam USP/IP US DMF  
62 Ariprozole USP/IP US DMF  
63 Carbamazepine USP/IP US DMF  
64 Lamotrigine USP/IP US DMF  
65 Opipramol hydrochloride USP/IP US DMF  
66 Piracetam USP/IP US DMF  
67 Topiramate USP/IP US DMF  
68 Avanfil USP/IP US DMF  
69 Chlorobutanol USP/IP On request  
70 Methylcobil amine USP/IP    
71 Serratiopeptidase USP/IP    
72 Vit B 1 Mono USP/IP    
73 Biotin USP/IP    
74 Lumefantrine USP/IP    
75 Azithromycin dihydarte USP/IP On request  
76 Clarithromycin USP/IP    
77 Biodiastase USP/IP    
78 Carbcistein USP/IP    
79 Rosuvastatin USP/IP US DMF  
80 Nicorandil USP/IP DMF available  
81 Aceclofenac USP/IP DMF available  
82 Melatonin USP/IP DMF available  
83 Vit E dry 50 % USP/IP    
84 Simethicone USP/IP Open part DMF  
85 Atovaquone USP/IP US DMF WHO-GMP
86 Sodium saccarin USP/IP    
87 Crosscarmallose sodium USP/IP US DMF  
88 FD and C Red USP/IP US DMF  
89 Theophylin anhydrous USP/IP US DMF  
90 Atorvastatin calcium USP/IP US DMF  
91 Aluminium gel paste USP/IP US DMF  
92 Mirtazapine USP/IP US DMF  
93 Loperamide USP/IP US DMF  
94 Telmesarten USP/IP US DMF  
95 Diclofenac potassium USP/IP US DMF  
96 L-Glutamic acid USP/IP US DMF  
97 Pramoxine HCL USP/IP US DMF  
98 Tobramycin sulphate USP/IP US DMF  
99 Cefaclor USP/IP US DMF  
100 D alpha tocopheryl acetate(Vit D) USP/IP US DMF  
101 Metronidazole   USP/IP US DMF  
102 Vitamins USP/IP US DMF  
103 Nutraceuticals USP/IP US DMF  
104 Paracetamol USP/IP US DMF  
105 Midazolam USP/IP US DMF  
106 Dantroline sodium USP/IP US DMF  
107 Cefpodoxime USP/IP US DMF  
108 Cefixim USP/IP US DMF  
109 Grisefulvin USP/IP US DMF  
110 Epinephrine USP/IP US DMF  
111 Amikacin USP/IP US DMF  
112 Calcitonin salmon USP/IP US DMF  
113 Lactose anhydrous USP/IP US DMF  
114 Betamethasone valerate USP/IP US DMF  
115 L-Lysin monohydrate USP/IP US DMF  
116 Anhydrous glucose USP/IP US DMF  
117 Furazolidone USP/IP US DMF  
118 3-Methyl xanthine USP/IP US DMF  
119 3-Methyl xanthine USP/IP US DMF  
120 Lamivudine USP/IP US DMF  
121 Lamivudine USP/IP US DMF  
123 Menthol crystals USP/IP US DMF  
124 Menthol  USP/IP US DMF  
125 Clindamycin Hydrochloride USP/IP US DMF  
126 Clindamycin phopshate USP/IP US DMF  
127 Pepsin 1:1000 USP/IP US DMF  
128 DL Tartaric acid USP/IP US DMF  
129 Levofloxacin hemihydrate USP/IP US DMF  
130 Finobarbital USP/IP   WHO-GMP
131 Trimetazidine Di HCL USP/IP    
132 Miconazole base USP/IP    
133 Miconazole nitrate USP/IP    
134 Chloroamphenicol USP/IP    
135 Losarten potassium USP/IP    
136 Losarten   USP/IP DMF available GMP
2-mercapto-5- methoxybenzimedazole (omeprazole benzimadzole) DMF
2-chloro methyl 3,5 dimethyl 4 methoxy pyridin HCL (omepazole chloro compound) DMF
Omeprazole Sulphide DMF
Pyrmethyl Alcohol DMF
Pantoprazole chloro compound DMF
Pantoprazole sulphide DMF
Pantoprazole  benzimidazole DMF
Rabaprazole chloro compound DMF
Diethyl tartarate DMF
Lansoprazole sulphide DMF
Ammonium sulphate DMF
Sodium nitrite DMF
Disodium hydrogen ortho phosphate DMF
Potassium nitrate   DMF